Hello World! . . . from the McD Bros! Check out our foolish, funny videos below. Enjoy!

Call Animal Control !!!

Ridin' the Hog:

Jimmy would like to say hello to you:

Also, Jimmy has a VERY special message for everyone:

. . . and we receive a message from beyond:

Here are some more videos posted on our site over the weeks. Check out one of our personal favorites, "The UPS Guy Brought It to the Door":

Further, Miss Bunkersham would like to extend an invitation to you:

Next, we wanted to provide a space for a charitable cause. Accordingly, we have provided Sister Belafonte, an opportunity to ask for donations:

We also wanted to give a respected, by us, member of our community an opportunity to also ask for funds to support his own endeavors:

Speaking of someone needing help, check out Matt's cry for help!

Oh, don't worry, no problem; he's ok now:

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